Skin Care FAQ’s

Caffiene is dehydrating, as is sugar. So up your water intake. And look to increasing your moisturizing regime.
Absolutely. Typically, the more liquid on the skin first as it is able to penetrate the skin deepr — that’s serums, toners, etc. Then you want the moisturizer on next.

If, for example, you put the creamier moisturizer on your skin first, it creates a barrier that would not allow serums or toners to penetrate.

Always cleanse your face at day’s end. Warm water would have been a good start. Another alternative, when in a bind, is to use shampoo as a facial cleanser. Shampoos tend to be gentler on the skin than hand soap.

And a third choice that I use when traveling is skin cleansing cloths. They get the job done without taking up too much space. Dermalogica has a great wipe that even removes waterproof makeup. A nice alternative at any drug store are the the ones by Neutrogena.

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