About Jolie Skin Care

Joyce Macfarlane

Joyce is a Licensed Master Aesthetician and has been perfecting pores since 1998.

She has studied for Masters Aesthetician under Dr. Emily Sabbagh at the Washington State Laser Institute 2014.  She’s certified in facial lymph drainage, reiki two practitioner, micro pigmentation, eyelash extension. Joyce keeps up on all the newest technologies that improve skin including (but not limited to):  peels, micro dermabrasion,  collagen induction, micro current, LED, and dermaplaning.

She explains “I enjoy addressing the challenges of aging skin, however I can also help younger skin address their issues as well.”

Joyce points out that while adequate hydration, healthy nutrition and exercise play an important factor in skin health,

“I will customize treatments to enhance your natural features so that aging skin can be beautiful, healthy and full of vitality.” Clients of Joyce are sent home with improved skin and a prescription of recommended home care and products.

Quite often, clients find they get the best results from a series of treatments. A series will give a jumpstart to all the cells and collagen and produce a healthy glow. After the series is completed, maintenance is important. “Skincare is very similar to working out. If you put all that time in at the gym to achieve a toned healthy body, you still have to keep going to maintain what you’ve crafted.”

Jolie Skin Care Clinic is located in a peaceful enclave about 20 miles north of seattle. “I was able to build out the entire first floor of my house, so the skin care business is very private and serene. It isn’t a typical spa with hordes of people milling about. Just a place of quiet and healing.”

Jolie Skin Care creates skin regimes for both men and women. “Many men are equally concerned about aging, but are hard pressed to find skin care targeted to their needs.”

When she’s not at Jolie Skin Care, Joyce teaches yoga. She’s a certified yoga instructor in Bikram Hatha, Power Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. Above all work accomplishemetns, Joyce’s most proud accomplishment in life is raising a beautiful daughter and getting to enjoy her two grandaughters.

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